View Full Version : Firing my homemade cannon

01-27-2008, 12:55 AM

I made this cannon about 6 years ago. Almost entirely hand made except for the barrell, axle, bushings and pins. It is 14 inches long, and features a 10" long barrell with a 3/4" smooth bore ...roughly 10 gauge. I machine my own shells for it.

It is fired by a small glow plug found on some gas powered rc cars. All it takes is aaa battery with about a 1 second delay

In the video, I'm using a small charge of 30 grains fg powder with no wadding. I made a firing plate for it to fire heavier charges. It has a shock absorber and track to keep things aligned and to control recoil. When the weather here gets better, I'll post another vid using the firing platform