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  1. Happy bday 99!!!
  2. More trouble in the Gulf
  3. Let's save Punta de Choros
  4. If 3D at home fails....
  5. Bill Paxton.
  6. They Blew Up "My Little Pony"
  7. How do these people survive???
  8. At Last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. "the rock" johson as voice actor for new prime cartoon
  10. Nine years...
  11. Children of the 80's.
  12. Russian Transformers.
  13. Happy Birthday R-Type and PrimusGod!
  14. Shadowcons first move into 3D
  15. Baby squirrel raised by cat learns to purr.
  16. Toys R Us exclusive Rampage amung the ruins.
  17. strange thing about Arcee.
  18. i'm a happy camper
  19. So, My Birthday's Coming Up...
  20. happy birthday dewy
  21. Resident Evil series.
  22. Linkin Park sings for Gundam
  23. i hate verizon
  24. a Class Act by highschool football teams
  25. rAnDoMzZ (part 10)
  26. Titanic actress Gloria Stuart found dead at 100.
  27. my new favorite commercial
  28. We've been Swindled!
  29. Frank Herbert's Dune novels, any fans?
  30. what are you listening
  31. Awsomeness!!
  32. good reasoning in my opinion
  33. happ birthday King of kings
  34. After how-long, Im back!
  35. Happy birthday Link!
  36. BAD BOYS locations in Miami.
  37. What is a Transformer Protoform.
  38. The Halloween Thread.
  39. The Incredible Hulk returns to TV!
  40. The BOK Tower. Pictures - Work Safe
  41. happy birthday big tee
  42. DEXTER'S Apt.
  43. Shadowcon art and history
  44. What will you be up to on Xmas?
  45. First Shadowcon Hoodie.
  46. My Dog Bandit dressed as Bumblebee the Transformer for Halloween
  47. Bro Needs help
  48. Happy Birthday Nelson!!!!!!
  49. To BigTee or anyone who played Dragon age orgins
  50. my new truck
  51. 3G Network On Mount Everest
  52. happy birthday rumblebee505,Optimash Prime,
  53. DS: War For Cybertron
  54. happy birthday jazz935
  55. Sprint's Epic Film contest with Michael Bay and youtube...
  56. Funny video I did for a friend of mine
  57. rAnDoMzZ (part 11)
  58. happy birthday calmontoya
  59. What gives?
  60. Lost
  61. uh.. I feel so bad.
  62. Happy Birthday Lbrosfilm!
  63. Have yourself a great Veterans Day !!
  64. My grandma passed away on monday.
  65. Preview Screening Competition
  66. Drop Something Onto The Member Below! (It's back, baby!)
  67. Massive Black (almost transformers)
  68. Happy birthday vittaldadambbs!
  69. If Michael Bay Made A Video Game...
  70. Did Hasbro lose the rites to the Trailbreaker name?
  71. Old but cool transformers FLASH videos on Youtube.
  72. War For Cybertron 2
  73. what is the last thing you bought
  74. Tumblr
  75. you tube vid:Breaking Benjamin set to ROTF
  76. Finally!!!!!!!
  77. Thundercats.
  78. Transformers: Prime
  79. for those who don't have the hubnet work
  80. That one thread
  81. RIP Leslie Nielsen
  82. Certificate of Authenticity
  83. Spacepainter
  84. 'Bot or 'Con?
  85. god. I am sick of Kim Jung il.
  86. how famous is chole moretz in US now?
  87. eat drink thread
  88. Food Experiments...
  89. Hub TV - 2010 Naughty and Nice list
  90. tune from tfs movie
  91. What's your theme song?
  92. A Day of Infamy...
  93. He changed his name to Optimus Prime
  94. Jeez It's Cold...
  95. Terrorist attack in Sweden
  96. A Christmas Thread
  97. Happy birthday tseon!
  98. Guillermo Del Toro's 'Insane'
  99. happy birthday sky lynx
  100. Laurentian Aerospace Corp. Coming To Town!
  101. cool contest: Sora, can we get a translation please?
  102. Transformers Classic Theme Orchestral
  103. The end of LKL
  104. Transformers Quiz
  105. Happy birthday TIMtationX
  106. Making oil from plastic!!
  107. The xmas party!!!
  108. Transforming into: a Daddybot!!!
  109. What was that one video with Starscream and Megatron?
  110. Music for a Michael Bay movie...
  111. happy birthday JuanH145
  112. DOTM Toys Thread [Spoilers]
  113. A New Year Thread
  114. PG
  115. things behind the couch...
  116. not TF3 related really... but I thought I'd actually start posting some concept art..
  117. New link to my own TF concept art: G1 movies ideas/designs (aka my takes v.1.0~)
  118. I'm out of hibernation (check out my grandma video!)
  119. Superheros Vs Transformers Thread
  120. Hunt for the Decepticons
  121. R.I.P. Pete Postlethwaite
  122. I am finally complete...
  123. Prayers and caring for the lost and hurt ones
  124. Any fans of Avatar The Last Airbender?
  125. QLD floods
  126. EASTWOODCLINTON on Youtube. TF3 Dark Of The Moon Movie Updates featuring YOU!
  127. happy birthday boudie13
  128. word ending game
  129. Inter-movie Battles
  130. Driving
  131. thinking on bein an extra in a george clooney movie
  132. Happy birthday Cascadia!
  133. Happy birthday megatron42!
  134. Name That Transformer: Redux!
  135. rAnDoMzZ (part 12)
  136. What games are you gaming/books are you booking/movies are you movieing?
  137. happy birthday sam
  138. Happy australia day!
  139. Hello Second Semester!
  140. srs shit yo!
  141. DOTM: The Game Thread [Minor Spoilers]
  142. sentence game
  143. We have no more IP address
  144. Demo Reel
  145. The Challenger explosion remembered
  146. Cyclones!
  147. happy birthday the last autobot
  148. TV Shows
  149. Arrival to Earth Played by a Live Orchestra!
  150. NASA Optimus Prime Spinoff Award
  151. Happy birthday Ladies_Man_217
  152. Speaking of NASA...
  153. A shame Green-Bay won!
  154. Shia LaBeouf Handcuffed, Released After Bar Brawl.
  155. Epic Theater - Transformers (Reckless Tortuga)
  156. happy birthday bumblebabe
  157. Transformers: Bumblebee (couldn't make new post in Transformers forum)
  158. Please recommend nice TF toys from the movies.
  159. Remembering The Ocean Ranger Disaster
  160. happy birthday mr gabba
  161. Happy Valentine's Day
  162. optimus prime gets a ticket
  163. Well this sucks...
  164. the Sport Thread!
  165. Optimus Prime Peter Cullen Panel BotCon 2010
  166. name n shame
  167. Michael Bay + baby platypus
  168. The Neverending Story
  169. Natural and Human Disasters
  170. Duke Nukem: Forever
  171. Discovery made lift off.
  172. happy birthday hardcore
  173. The Epicness of This Deserves its Own Thread...
  174. Trailbreaker's Thoughts on G1...
  175. happy burnflare
  176. where is everyone??
  177. Ipad 2
  178. "Transformers: The Musical" (not real)
  179. Help
  180. Tron Upriseing
  181. Thought Carl Fredricksen's Flying House was too Far Fetched?
  182. happy birthday Sector_7_ITA
  183. my truck was broken into
  184. Supermoon?
  185. Brackets... Its that time of year again
  186. Libya
  187. Ducktales fans anyone?
  188. Farewell Discovery!
  189. "The Transformers Place"
  190. AT&T to buy T-Mobile USA
  191. People who think we hoaxed the Moon Landings...
  192. happy birthday michael do
  193. RE: Who would you cast as replacements for Shia and Co.
  194. The Transformers Movie Game
  195. i feel rotten
  196. Happy Birthday NIBMRatchet
  197. One year later
  198. Hot tub time Machine?
  199. Mass Effect movie
  200. Keep it Green Project - My Home
  201. building a wooden shed
  202. a little help please!
  203. Fast Five Red Carpet Premiere Tonight.
  204. anyone here have the audio books of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings?
  205. My New Decepticon Tattoo!
  206. Live action movie related comics
  207. Happy Birthday sora!!!!!
  208. This is my GIFT to you Michael Bay and all the Transformers Fans and Fans of HipHop
  209. Earth Day
  210. Google Maps
  211. Awesome music video
  212. I heard Rebecca Black Died
  213. Happy birthday Albershide!
  214. PlayStation Network
  215. Transformers:music video
  216. Happy Birthday, Bot Girl!
  217. ANZAC day
  218. Optimus Prime Art
  219. happy birthday Regressor ‎
  220. My New TF:DOTM Poster; Made with screen captures from the new trailer
  221. characters from the S4TE
  222. traded my GMC Canyon in for a 2011 chevy impala
  223. Osama Bin Laden is dead
  224. The 2011 White House Correspondent's Dinner video (Donald Trump is a douce bag!)
  225. Your Plans for Summer 2011?
  226. Hold on tron fans! Tron Lightcycle givaway from parker brothers choppers contest!!
  227. Ubisoft To Launch Film Studio for Game Adaptations
  228. Movie Posters + Frames?
  229. Superman Renounces U.S. Citizenship in 'Action Comics' #900
  230. How to get HFTD Tomahawk's propeller to stay on his back
  231. Mass Effect 3 Delayed
  232. saw a car with the autobot symbol
  233. TF film cells
  234. 3D Using Face Tracking Technology...
  235. The Foo Fighters Back and Forth movie doco \m/,
  236. Happy Mothers Day
  237. What's Your Sign in the Geek Zodiac?
  238. Warner Bros bought RottenTomatoes.
  239. Geology: Dutch NOT Deutsch.
  240. Help a bro out yeah? :D
  241. Let James Tate Go to the Prom
  242. Prophecy
  243. itunes
  244. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Delayed Again
  245. FA Cup Final - Manchester City V Stoke City
  246. Modern Warfare 3
  247. Psn up
  248. Happy Birthday Lucy!
  249. Gears of War 3 Limited Edition and Epic Edition Detailed
  250. Battlefield 3