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  1. HI
  2. Favorite lines?
  3. Steve Jablonsky's score: CD-release
  4. Least Favorite Lines?
  5. IMAX release .. how much extended is it?
  6. HD-DVD release... H.264 please!
  7. Soundwave ideas
  8. DVD release
  9. DVD release 3rd december for the UK
  10. Official Transformers DVD/HD DVD Info. >> Release Date: October 16
  11. This Next Tf Movie Better
  12. One of my fondest memories of the movie....
  13. What I want to see more of....
  14. Press Kit Contest?!?!
  15. The nail in the coffin for tf2 ?
  16. Funny Scene/s & Sad scenes
  17. Next Transformers Movie??
  18. Best & Worst Scenes
  19. Celebrities in disguise....
  20. Japanese Interview with Michael Bay
  21. Don Murphys Comments on Transformers 2
  22. Do you prefer speaking or non-speaking BB?
  23. Which DVD exclusive to get??
  24. Transformers IMAX span?
  25. IMAX tickets here! :)
  26. IMAX release to include 5 more minutes?
  27. My Transformers Clip.
  28. New IMAX Poster
  29. Transformers: No Blu-Ray
  30. Running time of the final battle scene
  31. Will you be an Autobot or Decepticon?
  32. way to milk a product (DVD related)
  33. What are some of the best lines from the animated movie. I will share mine.
  34. IMAX and the DVD
  35. He's Like An Angel!!! ?
  36. Petition For Transformers on Blu-ray
  37. New footage.
  38. Transformers aspect ratio/IMAX
  39. I wish to stay with the boy
  40. Transformers Review by the Nostalgia Critic (Hilarity Ensues)
  41. Mr.Spielberg and Dreamworks could leave Paramount? Will Bay follow? & Transformers?
  42. Transformers 2 scheduled for summer 2009...
  43. Just go back from IMAX
  44. Question about the cube?
  45. Cinefex #111 (TF Cover)
  46. Some Film Re-enactments That I did
  47. Transformers behind the scenes DVD clip: Inside the Allspark
  48. I want to believe this
  49. Autographed Transformers DVD
  50. Transformers HD-DVD Cover Art?
  51. IMAX Screening Problems.
  52. Hi-res optimus prime picture
  53. My Real Transformer
  54. Best Buy, Target, and Circuit City promo items for the TF DVD!!
  55. What about Blu-Ray?
  56. Transformers DVD delayed in Italy ?!
  57. DVD Review up at IGN
  58. $700m Worldwide
  59. BUMBLEBEE!!! (and ME) - Work Safe
  60. NEw (french) DVD review with a lot of screenshots
  61. Get a phone call from Optimus Prime!
  62. DVD Countdown
  63. Transformers HD DVD Reviews incoming!
  64. Downloading the movie from XBOX 360
  65. Optimus Vs. Megatorn football commercial!
  66. Just got the DVD
  67. Take pic with BB! and have some fried chicken!!
  68. DVD Reviews
  69. Megatron as Cornholio
  70. sorry but its another blu ray topic
  71. Jablonsky autographed soundtrack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  72. Dear Mr. Bay
  73. Paramount Admits HD DVD 30 gigs is not enough
  74. Thank You Mr. Bay
  75. YES!!! Number 19 on the top 20, baby!!
  76. Cool new designs!
  77. I just love this film !!
  78. Michael Bay cameo clip
  79. does anyone else feel the picture quality is a little grainy?
  80. Peter Cullen Movie Intro Remix...
  81. Those non-transforming fleshy things
  82. Newb question: What is mass-shifting?
  83. CG that looked the most real
  84. Transformers! OMG!
  85. Disc 2 of the DVD set
  86. Can we have models by please??
  87. Why wasn't the "Brawl/Devestator" subtitle fixed for the DVD?
  88. I want to thank you....
  89. early reviewers were saying that Megs had little screen time
  90. Potentially Serious Audio Problem with the Transformers HD DVD
  91. Most awkward part of the movie
  92. False Advertizing!!!
  93. My little version of Bumblebee so far
  94. Transformers DVD and HD DVD Break record sales!
  95. Hello
  96. All Spark
  97. Bay says Transformers DVD could have been better
  98. Bay: 'Transformers' DVD could have been better
  99. Blu-ray vs HD-DVD debate
  100. Huge mistake or just me?
  101. Transformers tribute.
  102. I remember when they announced the R-rating
  103. Blu-ray Still wins the Week of Transformers
  104. Easter Eggs
  105. 3-D
  106. Transformers mistakes..
  107. Oh dead, HD DVD Transformers figures faked.
  108. What happens when the biggest of losers....
  109. Tranformers: the original script
  110. Walmart, Target, how many exclusives?
  111. RWD & Slow Motion Over and Over
  112. "Transformers" HD DVD - HUD w/PiP & WEB NEXT GEN Features ROCKS!!!
  113. Worst Possible Optimus Prime Voice?
  114. BumbleBee at SEMA - Las Vegas
  115. Transformers DVD and HD-DVD delayed to December in Italy...
  116. Check out my Optimus Prime Vinyl Banner
  117. Movie Connections
  118. Does anyone know where to find Cybertronian Alphabet list?
  119. Why Transformers rocks
  120. Just another BIG fan!
  121. Optimus Prime
  122. TF could've passed Shrek 3
  123. Gotta' love it!!
  124. Bumblebee Costume
  125. Awesome Transformers Pics *56k beware!*
  126. Where do Transformers come from?
  127. Pacing or Lack of Tension?
  128. Detachable wheels?
  129. Interesting news on movie characters.
  130. Unreleased score????
  131. what happened to the deleted scenes??
  132. Transformers Eps on Joost
  133. Academy Awards
  134. Whats Up With The Beginning?
  135. Sam & Mikaela
  136. Thanks mr Bay
  137. Score Bashing Looser.
  138. Bay Prepares to Fake Out Transformers Fanboys
  139. Happy Toikee Day !!
  140. Fuck Steve Saleen!
  141. BumbleBee from SEMA and Texas State Fair 2007
  142. Look who rolled into H-Town...
  143. Just what did Starscream say....
  144. Paramount Italy delays Transformers HD-DVD release,again...
  145. SEMA BumbleBee Videos Finaly Up!
  146. arrive to the earth
  147. Perks in having an Autobot as your vehicle
  148. Finally... the DVD is released in Norway
  149. I haven't seen Transformers yet!!!
  150. some store in uk has transformers on blu-ray here proof
  151. John Turturro
  152. New Transformers cartoon.
  153. What Oscars is Transformers likely to compete for?
  154. Bumblebee in Tokyo
  155. TF on HD web enabled things
  156. Allspark Landmine Gallery
  157. Aerial Autobot Symbol
  158. Prime
  159. More That Meets thee Eye
  160. Happy Holidays!!!
  161. Transformers game
  162. The Mom
  163. What Transformers gifts did you get for Christmas then?
  164. (Fan)Movie Trailer
  165. Happy New Year!!
  166. Note From Michael
  167. Voice Actors
  168. TRANSFORMERS sound mix: seems the HD DVD is lacking vs Digital cinema presentation
  169. Frank Welker as Megatron
  170. Optimus Prime vs. Megatron
  171. Barricade is a coward
  172. Transformers is most illegally downloaded film of 2007
  173. Oscars VFX list set
  174. different director
  175. Transformers Nominated in 5 Visual Effects Society Categories
  176. Barricade is the best
  177. An intellects take on Transformers...
  178. Transformers best selling DVD of 2007
  179. Transformers has oscar nomination!
  180. Looking back at the Movie
  181. New Toys : )
  182. Bad cgi scenes on dvd?
  183. Cool!!
  184. A fan video....
  185. WHat does Fig say in spanish when scorponok attacks?
  186. Transformers Animated Series
  187. 80th annual Academy Award nominations
  188. Why didnt the air force base use .50 cals against Blackout?
  189. Transformers The Ride
  190. Grand theft Autobot
  191. Look who rolled into H-Town (Reformatted Edition)
  192. what happened to barricade?
  193. vending machine robot
  194. They were always real to me
  195. Classics 2.0 prototype images
  196. Jazz don't have head ??
  197. Interview with 2007 movie CGI artist, Cameron Folds
  198. who was the giant flying robot from G1?
  199. You believe this?
  200. g1 accuracy
  201. Favorite scene rave
  202. Wow
  203. Summer Flashbacks
  204. Now that HD-DVD is officially dead...
  205. You know what will be funny if Transformers wins the Oscar
  206. Wow...Transformers didnt win.
  207. Transformers Sound Editor to return home empty handed.
  208. A fan's take on how Jazz became 2007 Jazz....
  209. error of low frequencies (lfe) encoding in the region 1-2 dvds (and hd dvd) !
  210. Did you like the way Sector Seven was used in the film?
  211. Mark Kermode Reviews Transformers
  212. G1, 3D interpretation of "meet the autobots" scene.
  213. Megatron knows kungfu
  214. Where did Barricade Go?
  215. criticizms of transformers.
  216. Awesome Transformer Zippo Lighter
  217. Transformers Blu-Ray
  218. Are there any cool Transformers posters?!
  219. Transformers Art Book!
  220. What about Jerry?
  221. Shoot For The Fan Art
  222. Favorite Grimlock Moment
  223. How to make Transformers a even better movie!
  224. Fibrir!!!
  225. The score
  226. For TF Movie Toy Collectors: Automorph Gimmick Tip
  227. Does Anyone Recognize This From the First Film?
  228. The Alspark was not destroyed....
  229. Has Anyone ever thought about this...
  230. Favorite Transformers Music
  231. Soundwaves New Look
  232. Who would see it again in the THEATRE?
  233. Shooting Location
  234. What's your Alt Mode?
  235. Blu Ray?
  236. Sector Seven
  237. re-releasing of G1 onto DVD
  238. Future DVD making of video?
  239. Transformers go Hollywood!
  240. Best comedy of Transformers
  241. Transformers nominated for 3 MTV Movie Awards
  242. Anyone notice this? AWACs screwup
  243. If you could bump off any....
  244. What's your favorite series
  245. How many times have you seen it?
  246. Okay...explaining TF to a newbie
  247. does anyone remember the very first image?
  248. You have to see this video!!!
  249. Decepticons wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Autobots (HUH?!)
  250. Prime Recycled