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  1. Am I the only one who didn't like...
  2. Check out this shirt....
  3. Congrats Steve
  4. TF movie i made *vid*
  5. Whoa now!!! The UK gets Blu ray!!!
  6. Marlboro Man
  7. Transformers at MTV movie awards
  8. Stop-Motion Animation
  9. Transformers photos, when were they released?
  10. WTF!? Was he flying Southwest Airlines?
  11. Dreamworks / Blu-Ray
  12. MTV Movie of the Year!
  13. What happened to barricade?
  14. Origins of Blackout and Barricade
  15. Why didnt Jazz help?
  16. Can someone explain to me the Don Murphy story?
  17. Transformers Animated Score Album
  18. Recall your opening night theater experience.
  19. Prime on Desert Highway
  20. Why did Sam get so mad at Mikaela,
  21. G1 returning to TV?
  22. sam
  23. Remember this?
  24. Did Ironhide give Captain Lennox a ride home?
  25. Code Black
  26. Why are these lines "stupid"?
  27. How many people double dipping for TF Blu-Ray?
  28. Why was Lennox on the cover of the movie?
  29. MEGATRON...retarded?
  30. optimus prime (hero)
  31. Optimus Prime made out of scrap metal
  32. BumbleBee Cocktail
  33. What would you say
  34. Transformers Concept Art-Aircraft Carrier
  35. a message from megatron frank welker
  36. The military's role in TRANSFORMERS
  37. name this film equipment
  38. TF1 Concept Art
  39. Wow....
  40. Transformers Roleplaying Part 3
  41. If YOU could create an Autobot/Decepticon which movie should it be in?
  42. Which Transformer would you like to meet?
  43. pop box prime and bumblebee
  44. Im boycotting this film.....
  45. Transformers script.
  46. Transformers in Blu
  47. Blu-ray Bay Features
  48. Sites attacking Mr.Bay on Transformers Blu-Ray release. And they lie doing so.
  49. Cybertronian Language
  50. Which was your favorite Transformation?
  51. The chicks dig Optimus Prime?
  52. 08 Election T-Shirt
  53. Transformers BD Live errors
  54. Transformers Blu-Ray extended cut 2009
  55. Transformers in The Guinness Book of World Records
  56. Roles for Peter Cullen
  57. GM to Auction off Jazz
  58. BB voice repaired
  59. where did he go???
  60. Finally Found Cybertronian Fonts
  61. Frenzy....WTF?
  62. The DVD is Wacked!!
  63. Voice actor picks for future sequals
  64. what ive done mario paint
  65. What is your favourite scene ?
  66. AllSpark Rubik's Cube
  67. Autographed Mag
  68. Bonecrusher's Hatred
  69. Song when sam gets into the car
  70. Dear Bandwagons...
  71. Fav. Fight Scenes in The Movie
  72. Anyone thinks this is Bay's masterpiece?
  73. A different form for Ratchet?
  74. What Really Happened to Barricade?
  75. Transfomers and Firday the 13th are in the same universe
  76. Transformers Blu-ray Extended Cut?
  77. TF1 An Attempt To Absolve The Military Of It's Part In UFO Coverup?
  78. Any one else feel jipped from TF1
  79. why the black soft edges?
  80. What Starscream say?
  81. watched it....AGAIN
  82. Ammo Used in the movie
  83. Favorite Visual Effect/Moment
  84. Autobots Arrival Audience Reaction
  85. Bridge Transformer In Pittsburgh
  86. A good reason for why Devastator should be changed (back?) to Brawl
  87. 1001 things we have learnt from Transformers
  88. Transformers director version
  89. Any Videos of the Final battle? *Spoilers*
  90. Screen Caps
  91. Favorite Human Characters
  92. Transformers on a 21:9 screen
  93. Who dunnit?
  94. Goo Goo Doolls "Before Its Too Late"
  95. What was the most times you seen TF in 1 day?
  96. Favourite Robot created by the AllSpark
  97. Happy 25th Anniversery, Transformers!
  98. What did they say?
  99. Bluray and HD-DVD version differences
  100. Alternate Words
  101. Prime Speaks Contest winners mp3s
  102. Custom Transformer : Masterpiece Autobot X
  103. This movie was saved by Directing & Effects
  104. Blu-ray = DVD?
  105. Check this out: Transformers voices behind the scenes.
  106. Barricade License Plate?
  107. best fan soundtrack
  108. Shameful..but I need an Idiot's guide to Transformers
  109. Transformers: The Complete Series Brings The Robots to DVD on July 13th
  110. So Soon.. yet so far away
  111. June 16th new content via BD-Live
  112. transformers and beast wars....whats the connection??
  113. Selling my transformers SE dvd
  114. Wasn't the TF1 forum Closed??
  115. was the TF 2007 Imax version any different from the Theatrical version?
  116. TF1 clip used for Discovery Commercial
  117. fly in the ointment of TF1.
  118. how often do you watch the movie?
  119. Okay, this might cause me to buy an Xbox!
  120. An Interview with Peter Cullen
  121. Prime's Voice Deeper in TF1?
  122. Michael bay must please read! Michael bay! Please read! Puh leeeze
  123. Michael bay must please read! Michael bay! Please read! Puh leeeze
  124. Transformers Music Videos VOTE NOW!
  125. Transformers Movie characters have YT PROFILES?!?
  126. Transformers to premier on ABC
  127. Barricade
  128. Anyone glad this won the 2008 MTV Movie awards?
  129. Transformers Script
  130. came back from the dead?
  131. Question
  132. Which parts of TF1 were filmed in IMAX?
  133. Any one have this scene.
  134. High res BB and Megatron (TF1)