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  1. Pearl Harbor
  2. The BAY show
  3. The Island- a special Merrick promo pic?*I am desperate*
  4. National Treasure 2 is a watered down The Rock 2???
  5. Which one of Michael's flicks do you like the LEAST?
  6. Bad Boys II - Mark Mancina Remix
  7. Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  8. Armageddon music question
  9. Mark Mancina's BAD BOYS-score is getting a complete score CD release
  10. Michael Bay audio interviews.
  11. The Island Commentary- help!
  12. I did something geeky
  13. Platinum Dunes' FRIDAY THE 13TH-remake
  14. What if Bay did a TV show?
  15. Add another to the "The Island" trailer music pile
  16. How do I get Bay's autograph?
  17. Funny Hitcher DVD cover : "Directed by Michael Bay"
  18. Planet LA interview
  19. The Rock hits Blu-Ray 1/8
  20. Michael Bay on Southpark tonight.
  21. Does Michael Bay like HD format?
  22. Pain and Gain
  23. Digital Domain
  24. Blue Ray- Box Set
  25. Digital Domain T-Shirts?
  26. I Hate You Michael Bay! So I made a video about it.
  27. thanks
  28. Ethan Phillips on Michael Bay
  29. The Essence of Bay
  30. next Bay babe
  31. Amazing Director or Sell Out Joke?
  32. Michael Bay vs. MST3K!!
  33. Prince of Persia!
  34. Michael Bay producing 'Fiasco'
  35. Michael Bay for Godzilla
  36. baby italy
  37. I gotta say this about Bay....
  38. Bad Boys III
  39. Bay NEEDS to do Bad Boys 3!!!!!!!!!!
  40. Bay HD comments
  41. when cruising....
  42. Blu-Ray or HD DVD
  43. some store in uk has transformers on blu-ray here proof
  44. What do you think should be Bay's next project?
  45. Digital Domain IPO.
  46. Bay was right: Viacom, Microsoft sign $500 million deal
  47. Do you think any Bay movie will become a "Classic"?
  48. Michael Bay's I Am Legend: An Imaginery Review
  49. Weird Spam on Bay's IMDB profile
  50. Michael Bay Release List on HD Formats
  51. Favourite Music Score (in Michael's films that is)
  52. Blu-Ray Bay
  53. TF - Best movie in the world ever - but Blue Ray???
  55. Wtf?
  56. Bay was right about Microsoft
  57. Here's a short film I did with some Bay influence.
  58. The Rock on Blu-ray (review with comparison DVD shots - a WINNER!)
  59. A few comments... about Transformers, action movies, and Bay
  60. Which CGI company do you think Michael Bay prefers using?
  61. Re-encode Transformers on Blu-ray
  62. Michael Bay's photography
  63. Michael Bay autograph
  64. Official Directors Have A New Deal
  65. Michael Bay "On the Lot"
  66. A quick question on your Blu-Ray support, and what Apple is doing
  67. Michael Bay ad cameo
  68. Michael Bay should direct a Euro-Thriller
  69. Platinum Dunes Discussion
  70. The Rock...
  71. You want some irony? Here's some irony.
  72. Fav. Micheael Bay movie
  73. The Island
  74. Michael Bay at the Visual Effects Society’s Annual Award Show
  75. Mike speaks on Blu-ray
  76. Verizon Taps Michael Bay for New FiOS ads
  77. The Happy birthday thread for Mike
  78. ? *timeless* ?
  79. Fav. Bay music video
  80. Lobby for Director's Cut of PH and Armageddon
  81. Diana film
  82. Armageddon
  83. Blu Ray, HD, Star Trek
  84. The Onion.com - Michael Bay Receives Oscar
  85. Michael, Paramount has joined Blu-ray!
  86. Michael bay in stargate atlantis
  87. Damn Hollywood. Love Bay!
  88. How Awesome? This Awesome.
  89. 2012
  90. Brendan fraser for prince of persia
  91. Kevin Smith
  92. Michael in wacky Australian commercial
  93. A few alternative versions of the Verizon ad...
  94. Cool - cosmetic item is always welcome!
  95. Your favourite Cinematography?
  96. Bay and I
  97. I Love April First!
  98. bad boys 3
  99. Bay Tracks: a thread about music.
  100. Uwe Boll thinks he's better than Bay
  101. Uwe Boll and the other nay-sayers
  102. Bay, you kick ass! Please get Transformers 2 out here!!!
  103. When was this picture of Michael taken?
  104. the Photography of Michael Bay
  105. Does he like ?
  106. What makes Bay great? (err...awesome) ;)
  107. Dtwo
  108. What is the Worst Michael Bay Film
  109. This guy--Uwe Boll--really is certifiably nuts
  110. Bad Boys VS. Bad Boys II - Which one do you prefer?
  111. Two questions about 'THE ISLAND'
  112. Question about a new Decepticon I just came up with.
  113. Is Micheal Bay Having Any Casting Calls For Transformers 2?
  114. A Nightmare on Elm Street (Platinum Dune)
  115. Doug Sutton on Bay
  116. Wouldn't it be interesting to see Michael make short movies?
  117. The last mention of Uwe Boll
  118. THE ISLAND... A question about the jet bike chase scene.
  119. Digital Domain to do first ever MACHINIMA Feature?
  120. Bruckheimer and Bay to Reunite for HBO Drama?
  121. Last year they called me the anti-christ
  122. Sag
  123. Megalolz
  124. So I made this Michael Bay tribute video...
  125. Something small I'm curious about...
  126. I found this kickass video...
  127. To Michael , If you have the time could you answer..
  128. Armageddon & Bad Boys Blu Ray
  129. Has Digital Domain Gone Public Yet?
  130. Do you know Steven Tyler from Aerosmith?
  131. Michael Bay documentary
  132. Actors perceptions
  133. Plot Hole or let the audience think?? (The Island related)
  134. Ben Affleck on Armageddon DVD Commentary
  135. Speaking of DVD Commentaries....
  136. michaelbay comedy?
  137. What Will YOU Do With Your 400 Days?
  138. The Cannes screening of Armageddon?
  139. Transformers on Blu-ray on 09/02/08?
  140. Favourite scenes/shots
  141. What's the first image that pops in your head when you hear 'Michael Bay'?
  142. PD to do Ouija?
  143. Oooooooooooooh!
  144. Its so hard to compare Michael Bay movies
  145. Why The Contempt?
  146. I understand Armageddon isn't the greatest film ever
  147. Will we ever see that non-action movie from Michael?
  148. Bad Boys II goof?!
  149. More Than Meets The Eye
  150. Can get better
  151. I met Michael Bay!
  152. Wanna relive Michael Bay car chases? Play GTA4
  153. Michael Bay film preparation !
  154. question of The Island
  155. And the internet is full of idiots
  156. The Dark Knight Script
  157. The Rock---WTF?
  158. Ha! Just saw Bay in Mystery Men. Didn't even know he was in it. Dude can we bring
  159. Entertainment Weekly interview
  160. Which actors would you like to see Michael work with again?
  161. nelson can you shed some light on this
  162. Hug Michael Bay!!!
  163. Should Michael Bay remake MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE?
  164. Japanese cineplex TV spot
  165. First Time Watching "Transformers"
  166. reply favorite
  167. blog michael bay
  168. Defective TF Blu-Ray
  169. Digital Domain t-shirts
  170. Bad Boys or Bad Boys 2?
  171. Is there anything Michael Bay should improve on?
  172. Didn't Michael direct this video?
  173. Favourite Bay Movie Quotes
  174. Worst Bay Quotes
  175. Bay has come a long way
  176. Unborn Trailer
  177. The Fools of AICN
  178. Michael, check it out!
  179. Life On Mars
  180. The Rock MV
  181. What about the original Transformer Fans
  182. The Birds (remake)
  183. Transformers Music Theme
  184. What do the fans think of the South Park parody?
  185. Friday the 13 trailer
  186. Bloopers
  187. MTV Cribs
  188. Lense Around Michael Bays Neck
  189. Is it fun?
  190. Mr. Michael Bay
  191. The Island opening.
  192. Game to Movie adaptation!!??
  193. 2012: The War for Souls
  194. Uwe Boll talks about Michael Bay again !
  195. To you Mike
  196. What to buy the main man for Christmas!
  197. to MY GURU Michael Bay
  198. RE: Uwe Boll talks about Michael Bay again !
  199. Bay Honoured by Disney!
  200. The Front Page RIGHT NOW!
  201. Did you watch tonight's "Role the Changed their Lives" ?
  202. Party With Michael Bay
  203. Thank you!
  204. Michael Bay would be doing Dragon Ball Z next?
  205. Recurring Actors
  207. Transformers 2
  208. Why Michael Bay's directing works...
  209. 3D horror...
  210. ok I wanted to reply to the thread why bays directing works
  211. TV just for fun
  212. Horror remakes & Platinum Dunes
  213. Does Bay have a Twitter?
  214. Next Project
  215. TV Series?
  216. I agree Michael
  217. i cant stand these type of people
  218. If Michael Bay had directed... Titanic
  219. Rotational Shot Help!
  220. This thread could turn ugly...
  221. Uwe Boll punching Michael Bay on G4TV???
  222. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003).
  223. Bay on TMZ
  224. Bay gives 5 min interview to collider.com on TF2
  225. Michael bay! Explosions!
  226. ki ki ki! ma ma ma! ki ki ki! ma ma ma!
  227. The Happy Birthday Thread For Michael 2009
  228. a video dedicated to Mr.Bay on youtube
  229. youtube tributes
  230. Happy Valentines Day!!
  231. Top Gun?
  232. Michael Bay Movies
  233. Which pays Michael Bay more?
  234. Friday the 13th slashes the box office!!!
  235. A Nightmare on Elm Street?!!!!!!!
  236. Seriously... what's the deal with "Armageddon" Blu-Ray?
  237. more than meets the eye
  238. Bay, "I'll run any police roadblock I have to..."
  239. A Nightmare on Elm Street: What will stay, what will go?
  240. Criticism from people in the industry
  241. Bay's musical style
  242. Michael for TF3
  243. Transformers 3 gets a release date
  244. Jazz to Return for Transformers 2?
  245. bay and nimoy related
  246. Metroid the movie!
  247. Voltron "defender of the universe" & "M.A.S.K."
  248. He should do a new Godzilla
  249. Awards
  250. Bay at his best