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  1. Finally, TF5
  2. The Last Knight Starts Production This Week in Cuba!!!
  3. Josh Duhamel back as Lennox
  4. Thoughts on the teaser
  5. List the loose ends you want wrapped up?
  6. Petition: about the next movieverse game
  7. It looks like Epps might be coming back as well.
  8. Speculation - CrossHairs going retro
  9. The thing that bugs me...
  10. The new Teaser
  11. The Sweeps?
  12. The Seekers
  13. Freya
  14. It's TRANSFORMERS... can we have more transformations please? :) thanks
  15. Anthony Hopkins in TF5!
  16. The meaning of the name
  17. First look at the new Bumblebee
  18. All Hail Megatron
  19. TF V logo
  20. Is it Barricade or not?
  21. Decepticon Intro, finally?
  22. movie official comics no longer cannon ?
  23. Optimus Prime vs. Iron Man
  24. Cybertronian-tattooed Decepticon car
  25. Merlin and Excalibur
  26. Bay’s Last TF film indeed? Analysis.
  27. Wheelie is returning along with Brains
  28. Parallel Universe
  29. Elita One coming to T5?
  30. Unicron Idea
  31. Squeeks
  32. Theory why the lego transformation won't be in TF5
  33. Drift's New Look - you like it?
  34. Red 8k
  35. Transformers: The Last Knight billboard up in Times Square.
  36. Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons...
  37. Footage Preview
  38. frank welker voicing megatron in transformers 5
  39. If Bumblebee dies...
  40. Introducing... Onslaught!
  41. Live Filming
  42. What's been missing from the Soundtrack
  43. Developing the Knighthood Theme in TF:TLK
  44. Hot Rod Revealed!
  45. Ultra Magnus
  46. Wow, a whole lot here!
  47. the new megatron
  48. Bumblebee!
  49. Megatron - Galvatron confusion needs to b explained in TLK
  50. Were are the Decepticons !!!
  51. Barricade's head? WTH happened...??????
  52. King Arthur.
  53. South Dakota
  54. Stanley Tucci Confirms Return For TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT
  55. Crosshair Last knight
  56. The missing ones
  57. Barco Escape Experience maybe?
  58. Spoilers - Time travel confirmed ??
  59. Transformers 5 Will Unleash Mini-Dinobots
  60. TF5 Music - Vibe thread
  61. "Why 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' And 'Transformers' May Rule Summer 2017."
  62. Witness Reports! (at Filming locations)
  63. Stand-off!
  64. is this true
  65. John Turturro & John Goodman Confirmed to Return!
  66. In pursuit again !! Transformers 2007 movie poster
  67. Transformers: The Last Knight’ Official Trailer to Take Off in Theaters Next Week!
  68. Official Teaser Release Date: December 16th!
  69. Trailer tomorow :) Dec 05
  70. Transformers : The Last Knight Official Trailer is HERE !!!!!
  71. Will Donald Trump be in TF5?
  72. Theory about Earth and Cybertron
  73. RE: TLK marks my 33rd year being a Transformers Fan !!!
  74. Lorenzo di Bonaventura
  75. We still no Nothing ???
  76. How old where you when Transformers 1st Began back in 1984 ???
  77. Evil Prime
  78. Superbowl, 2nd & International Trailers - When and new footage?
  79. Super Bowl spot/trailers discussion
  80. Release Date (international)
  81. Extended Super Bowl tv spot [Video]
  83. Female Voice - Creator or New Voice for Unicron ???
  84. Bay has never used any of these characters in his TF Movies
  85. Any predictions on a date for a new trailer?
  86. Transformers: The Last Knight Exclusive Sneak Peek At Kids' Choice Awards 2017
  87. Second Trailer discussion
  88. Continuity error unless time travel is used in this movie
  89. IT's Wednesday already... right?
  90. Final trailer is here !
  91. Prediction -The events of DOTM Caused the History we now see in The Last Knight
  92. POST here any TV SPOTS you find.
  93. Blowing stuff up with Michael Bay
  94. RIP Brad Grey (former CEO of Paramount)
  95. Decepticon Biker
  96. It bugs me that Bay never used any of these characters in the movies
  97. Release date delayed / kill the hype
  98. La La Land Records releasing the film's score
  99. Any word on an official theme song for the movie yet?
  100. Transformers' End: Michael Bay brings robot action to the U.K. with 'The Last Knight'
  101. Transformers: The Last Knight Discussion/Analysis/Thoughts *Warning-Spoilers*
  102. TF5 Movie Critics
  103. Box Office.
  104. Should The Transfomers Franchise Be Rebooted?
  105. "The Last Knight’ VR Experience Coming to Theaters, Imax VR Centers.
  106. Why does frank sound like hugo weaving for
  107. Unicron and a few movie thoughts
  108. Megatron wants Shia back ! | Witwicky Spoilers TLK
  109. Did Lockdown f*ck up in AOE?
  110. Transformers the last knight preorder is up at bestbuy
  111. I saw TLK and this needs a Director's Cut
  112. "Bumblebee" / 2018 / - meet Charlie Watson.
  113. Panel on the making of "The Last Knight".