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  1. possible spoilers dont burn me too bad
  2. Shoould Samuel Bayer seize the TRANSFORMERS throne?
  3. Next DOTM Trailer??
  4. Is Cybertron a dead planet in the movieverse (DOTM)?
  5. What's the name of the red Ferrari? Please vote.
  6. DOTM Blitzwing Rumor?
  7. Will Bumblebee be able to talk in DOTM
  8. Teaser Trailer with new music!
  9. who should voice the red Ferrari
  10. Shooting
  11. Question about a prop in TF3
  12. Another New DOTM TV Spot To Air During AllStar Game?
  13. The Aerialbots in DOTM. To be or not to be?
  14. DOTM Super Bowl spot + Daytona 500 spot edit (40 sec.).
  15. The Twins
  16. Recut trailer
  17. DOTM movie length? Please vote.
  18. Unicron is the moon
  19. sound in the super bowl spot
  20. UK release date before America...
  21. Brian Goldner CEO of Hasbro talks future of TFs movies.
  22. Real Life ROTF Megatron Tank
  23. What cool movie quotes and one liners would you like to hear in DOTM?
  24. Do you think Transformers DOTM will surpass Transformers 1?
  25. battle scene
  26. How Mr. Michael Bay Created “Q”
  27. DOTM Japanese Logo and Release Date
  28. Sideswipe to become reality in 2013!
  29. PlayStation 3 Theme
  30. Costume Pack for Little Big Planet 2! :D
  31. upcoming teasers
  32. A Wheeljack theory.
  33. spoiler alert
  34. Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime Image, More Plot Secrets! -SPOILERS-
  35. Update.
  36. Let's clear this up once and for all. The Ferrari is an A U T O B O T.
  37. when will we see more cgi
  38. So is Barricade in the movie or not?
  39. Let's talk humans!
  40. Schedule for DOTM trailers and tv spots?
  41. Conflict With Exodus and Sentinel -SPOILERS-
  42. best movie of the 3 transformers
  43. A request for Michael Bay
  44. A song reqest-G1
  45. Russian International Film Market
  46. I just cried watching TF3 trailer.
  47. Time of day during Chicago fight
  48. Which Autobots do you think should have more screentime?
  49. Teaser March 11th?
  50. The remark made about the TFs weakness being their eyes (Theory)
  51. 20 Minute Screener. Wow!
  52. Soundwave as a_________! Possible Spoiler
  53. 16 Weeks of Cyber-Sweeps
  54. A question for Nelson
  55. ! Death 40-Feet Tall ! A Tribute to Transformers, Michael Bay, and My Best Friend
  56. Sentinel Primes' voice!
  57. Confirmation on the 25th/Countdown
  58. My Newest Custom TF: DOTM Poster
  59. Please Michael fix this!
  60. Optimus
  61. New Rumors about Megatron's new powers in DOTM.
  62. toy secret
  63. License plates (mainly Bumblebee)
  64. Warming up for DOTM poster. Do you want first a teaser poster or a full poster?
  65. What would you like to see... Transform in TF3?! :D
  66. PERSONAL request to me from RID Optimus Prime (Neil Kaplan)
  67. Red carpet premiere of Transformers 3. When? Where?
  68. Sentinel Prime's courage or lack of for better words.
  69. Update: Details of possible new trailer? (turned out not to be legit)
  70. How do you think transformers 3 will open?
  71. Is it just me or did anyone else like skids and mudflap?
  72. Is Warpath going to be in it?
  73. Sentinel Prime Optimus his father?
  74. Would there be a Sam and Mikaela break up scene.
  75. Does this happen to simmons
  76. Karyn Parsons not in Transformers 3
  77. "The Invasion/AutoBots Stand" Fan Made Soundtrack
  78. Which DOTM Character(s) are you most excited for?
  79. Sergeant Epps GONE!?
  80. DOTM teaser trailer rated. Length 2:18 min.
  81. Mark Ryan returning for Transformers:Dark of the Moon
  82. Is Soundwave the silver Mercedes? [Possible Spoilers]
  83. Transformers 4 ?!
  84. Who voices Shockwave in TF3
  85. No posters
  86. AutoBot Combiner Vs Decepticon Combiner What you Reckon?
  87. Ken Jung in Transformers 3 "interview"
  88. DOTM: OP and BB Model Kits
  89. Dear micheal bay and everyone else..
  90. new CGI look at Shockwave & Sentinal on DOTM Colouring book cover
  91. Transformers 3 - Last movie - bummer!
  92. No more trailer threads until the trailer comes out
  93. Transformer "HERO" moment you'd like to see in DOTM
  94. Will there be a Michael Bay cameo in DOTM?
  95. Michael Bay Talks About Transformers: Dark Of The Moon 3D
  96. Will we see barricade in DOTM
  97. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon To Receive Dolby 7.1 Treatment
  98. Is it just me, or......
  99. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is.....
  100. Does he die??? (spoilers)
  101. Screen shots
  102. I don't know what to name my post
  103. Dylan
  104. New Photos: ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’
  105. I Cant Wait!
  106. Sentinel Prime's Voice Revealed...
  107. Just another thought...
  108. Rosie Huntington - Whitely talks Transformers: DOTM!
  109. best 3d seats?
  110. Change of Cars
  111. Updated: Green Lantern TV spot uses DOTM Super Bowl sound!
  112. Let's support DOTM again. Vote for "most anticipated summer movie".
  113. Astrotrain possibilities? [Spoilers]
  114. DOTM gets it's first nomination at the National Movie Awards.
  115. DOTM merchandise: Apparels
  116. Does any1 know where Michael Bay and cast will traveling to for the premiers??
  117. What do you guys think?
  118. A suggestion about Chinese characters and speakers
  119. Omega Supreme In Transformers: Dark of the Moon?
  120. Ferrari 458 Italia identity officially revealed and it’s…
  121. New Details Emerge Hinting at Dino-Bot Involvement in TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON?
  122. Images of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Mobile Game Revealed
  123. What do you want from "Transformers 3"?
  124. Transformers 3 DOTM Questions and concerns
  125. Anyone glad James Avery is in this movie?
  126. Will Mirage ....well mirage?
  127. OPs newabs
  128. TF3 & Beyond : The Transformers made a perfect Bay !
  129. Anyone heard anything about who the Red Jeep character could be?
  130. TF3 : The Ark , Omega Supreme And The Aerialbots are a must !
  131. New pics and Easter Egg???
  132. Updated: Is the TF3 post production on schedule?
  133. Transformers Theme in DTOM?
  134. What’s Behind The Dark Of The Moon Announcement Trailer
  135. Sentinel Prime: New Full-Size Image
  136. DOTM Optimus, Bumblebee Posters
  137. Bay gives more info on the movie (and trailer release date)
  138. Fan-made videos
  139. while doing some research on transformers
  140. dont think they are actually returning [Spoilers (from comic book Rising Storm)]
  141. Posting Spoilers
  142. Josh Duhamel Stunt Interview
  143. Do you agree??
  144. Big crawling machine [Possible Spoilers]
  145. Soundwave's role in DOTM
  146. Nickelback's "Never Again" in movie?
  147. My 2 Behind The Scenes Videos Of The Chicago Shoot Last Summer
  148. Don Jeanes Talks Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
  149. Dark of The Moon recent news [Spoilers]
  150. Fast 5 comes out tonight in Australia, Is the TF-DOTM preview added?
  151. DOTM trailer info on bbfc about to be corrected?
  152. Dont let yourself be fooled, Michael Bay
  153. Do you think it would be cool if Megatron got into a little fight with Starscream?
  154. About Bumblebee
  155. picture of SOUNDWAVE full robot mode from DOTM game [SPOILER]
  156. Do you think it will be cool if...
  157. Shockwave poster [Update: Hi-Res Link]
  158. Bumblebee Cake! 2,000 Pounds!
  159. Amazing Bumblebee Cake
  160. The new interview with Michael Bay from the main site (published April 20)
  161. Is this Real???
  162. [SPOILERS] Even though its already been discussed...Unicron? Proof?? [SPOILERS]
  163. what ever happened to the sector seven website?
  164. More Sentinel Prime Pics! (spoilers, sought of)
  165. Soooo...What About Mojo and Frankie? [Possible Spoilers]
  166. New Pictures [Possible Spoilers]
  167. ......And Transformers 4 will be on 2,3,4,5, Or ......10 years later ?
  168. Primes [Possible Spoilers, So if you dont want to have it spoiled then dont read!!!]
  169. Even more pics [Possible Spoilers]
  170. What happen to the poster?
  171. Just a rant!
  172. Official Trailer Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]
  173. Dark of the Moon Album and Score Release Dates and Price
  174. Optimus Prime?
  175. What would you do if Transformers DOTM was cancelled?
  176. This week Michael Bay is showing some 3D scenes from DOTM to James Cameron?
  177. ET trailer coverage on Thursday.
  178. 'Hangover' Director talks Michael Bay, TF, & 3D
  179. What do you think about Optimus Prime's W*** [SPOILER]
  180. Comparison Thread: No comments till the Trailer is out. [Spoilers] Possible.
  181. Small Official TF Site Update
  182. News
  183. Josh Nizzi is doing work for DOTM.
  184. Show your TF3 support as a fan!
  185. The Music from the Trailer!!!
  186. Transformers: Dark of the Moon Official Poster Revealed
  187. Thankyou!
  188. TF3 will break boxoffice main records...
  189. Opening weekend plans?
  190. Confirmation requested: Fan posters or official?
  191. Who Will Sacrifice Himself in TF3? Optimus Prime or Sam? what do you think?
  192. Thoughts of shockwave!??
  193. "From now on the fight will be.." [Possible Spoiler]
  194. On the Set with Michael Bay
  195. Arcees and the sisters.
  196. T3 - DOTM showing o 30th June 2011 woot!
  197. Will we hear Bumblebee's original voice in TF3 again?
  198. I dont think this is the end!
  199. Pictures from Moscow
  200. Does Anyone Remember These....
  201. Transformers 3: Bayocalypse! (an IGN article) SPOILERS
  202. Two Hours with Michael Bay
  203. Fan Edited Trailer
  204. TF: Dark of the Moon's Rosie Tops Maxim's Hot 100 of 2011
  205. Bin laden qoute?
  206. The Mercedes SLS AMG is Michael Bay's personal car? [SPOILERS]
  207. DOTM Trailer edit with Iridescent - 3min.
  208. Promotional Campaign
  209. Rosie
  210. Dubbed Films Sucks!
  211. T.V. Spots
  212. DOTM Trailer breaks record
  213. New TF3 Poster....
  214. Do you like the name "Dark of the Moon"?
  215. How many Wreckers?
  216. Who is the Superfund Bank Truck?
  217. Imax full-scale/life-sized fight sequences
  218. Appreciating the Cast and Crew of TF3!
  219. New International poster
  220. What Transformers Will Be In This One?
  221. Concern about Leonard Nimoy Voicing Sentinel Prime
  222. The Blue Benz (possible spoilers)
  223. New DOTM IMAX poster
  224. Is this a new DOTM (FAKE) poster?
  225. Rosie on Ellen
  226. My Newest Fanmade DOTM Poster; Thatrical Version
  227. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Movie Running Time Revealed [Updated]
  228. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Drops By The Ellen Degeneres Show
  229. 10.05.2011 The Transformers 3 forum goes dark!!
  230. DOTM Posters And Banners In-Hand Images. New Starscream Banner?
  231. Dark Of The Moon CGI
  232. New DOTM TV Spot! First Look at Dempsey and Malkovitch. SPOILERS
  233. I'm a little confused?
  234. DOTM Cast Presenting at MTV Movie Awards and Cannes Video Arch
  235. What about Mars?
  236. Higher picture of megatron CGI
  237. Cartoon Network Promotion
  238. Dark of the moon character renders
  239. Dark Of The Moon Score And Soundtrack Official Website
  240. World Premier in Moscow?
  241. No Review Threads
  242. Help needed, vector NEST skull logo
  243. Hello Sideswipe, Bumblebee.
  244. The Ellen Degeneres Show: DOTM week
  245. Favourite new transformer
  246. If you were to drive of the cars in transformers 3 which one would it be?
  247. Hugo Weaving returns as Megatron
  248. TF3 Movie Rating
  249. Arrival to Earth: fan covers
  250. Something about the 3d