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  1. What actress would you like to see in transformers 3
  2. Possible Spoilers Alerte!!! Transformers Nefarious
  3. bumblebee 2011??
  4. Memorable moments in TF2 that prepares us for TF3....
  5. Bumblebee's voice
  6. Hmmm bad autobots?
  7. i have the name for the third movie unicron vs star eatting planet
  8. Flashback
  9. Megan Fox threads
  10. wtf??????Heidi Montag: Transformers 3 Audition
  11. Ben Kingsley for TF3?
  12. reasons why SHOCKWAVE should be in the Bayverse Transformers
  13. TF3 Building Office Collapse Scene
  14. Victoria's Secret Congratulations Rosie Huntington-Whitely
  15. Just a theory..
  16. "Transformers" takes over L.A. streets
  17. Africa, South Africa 2010 World Cup, good idea?
  18. The Decepticon Leadership
  19. TF3:Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Michaela Replacement Or The Carly Girl ?
  20. Transformers Candy To Europe Please!(Belgium and Netherlands anyway!)
  21. What about leadership seperation in T3 ??
  22. Update: Washington DC locations?
  23. Who has the real power now in TF3? Optimus or Megatron?
  24. Something more than just a repaint
  25. Ideas for the Second Trilogy
  26. TF3 poster@ LIE
  27. James Avery confirmed as Voicing a certian character in TF3- Agent
  28. [SPOILERS] USA Today article with potential plot spoilers
  29. Bay confirms transformers 3D
  30. Do You Think its Possible for Arcee to return?
  31. Long Haul - the Air Craft Carrier Decepticon
  32. Poll: Linkin Park to create another song. Yes/No?
  33. TF3 and beyond : The future lies ahead !
  34. The Voice of Shockwave
  35. Personality of some of the Characters
  36. Release date changed?
  37. Can the Ferrari 458 autobot please be a female character?
  38. Hunt For The Decepticons
  39. TF:RoTF Dog Return in TF3? =P
  40. Pure Speculation...Sideswipe gets a hair cut?
  41. New robot in Chicago! (spoilers)
  42. "Transformers 3" lands in Milwaukee
  43. Prime, Bee and an unidentified red car - Italia? - set images
  44. TF3 : The War For Cybertron Successor ?
  45. stan bush song be on te new transformers soundtrack?
  46. A Ship Transformer in TF 3 ?
  47. Tf1 soundtrack masterpiece back
  48. TF3 : Stan Bush must be here too !!!
  49. Transformers 3: The Ascendants of Cybertron
  50. New TF3 tidbits from insider
  51. If we see a Saleen Mustang on set, I'd be very pleased
  52. Video of Shia, Rosie, Tyrese, and Bay on set
  53. TF3 The Game, suggestions? (Not: WFC)
  54. Learn how Bumblebee lost his voice
  55. TF3: Any scenes shot in Texas?
  56. Ultra Magnus - Geoff Pierson (What If?).
  57. TF3 to film in Detroit in August
  58. TF3 hats
  59. Where in Florida are they filming?
  60. Where should be TF3 Premiere
  61. Transformers in concert
  62. Transformers 3 movie nod
  63. Michael Bay TF 3 appearance
  64. Wich actors/actresses do you want in TF3?
  65. transformers in 2D and 3D
  66. Transformers 3 : More than 4 months at cinemas ?
  67. New Locations in Chicago for TF3?
  68. new autobots
  69. trailer
  70. TF 3 Real 3D
  71. would like to know your opinions.
  72. Rosie and Shia: The Transformers 3 Twosome
  73. OLD TF3 leaked script Autobots Line-Up?
  74. TF3 Unnoficial : Shooting In Greece ???
  75. Strange TF3 cast info on Imdb.
  76. Transformers 3 length
  77. Most anticipated movies of 2011
  78. Peter Cullen cameo in DOTM?
  79. Miami Next?
  80. Rosie is sooo nicee i think :)
  81. Any news on Barricade?
  82. Transformers 3 Vs Avatar : The real native 3D
  83. Omnibots in the film??? *theory*
  84. TF3 : Di Bonaventura's strange interview
  85. Parents
  86. Filming in Milwaukee
  87. Bumblebee demoted?
  88. The First Transformers Trilogy : One of the top 3 trilogies in history ?
  89. I've been doing video reports on the production of Transformers 3
  90. Transformers 3 music
  91. TF3 Filming Locations.
  92. Spoilers ahead...if the rumors are true...Unicron?????
  93. Every Little Girl Should Be Told That She's Pretty, Even if She's Not.
  94. Ok Lets Gather Everything We Know for bots!
  95. Prime gets his Trailer!!
  96. Mission To All Find Out Who The Nascars Are!!
  97. New Character revealed *possible spoilers*
  98. mercedes 'bot ?
  99. Shockwave..... on a stick?
  100. Rallybots in the film ???
  101. Transformers 3 Chicago Set Photos
  102. Jolt Still on the FIlm or Have been Dropped?
  103. Transformers - Ratchet Logo
  104. Why do all french news papers say TF3 premieres before july 1st?
  105. Soundwave's back!
  106. Any news if a Stan Bush song will be in the movie or not?
  107. support for Michael bay
  108. Update: Red Jeep Spotted in Chicago
  109. shockwave finally arrive to earth
  110. Who or what will Prime merge with in TF3?
  111. Ok has the bot list got crazy or what!
  112. Soundwave robot form in TF3
  113. cosmos as the Apollo 11? return capsule?
  114. Official: Megatron returns...Shockwave, Soundwave...WOAH EPIC!!
  115. Beyond Transformers 3 : Unicron & Galvatron VS Rodimus Prime & Ultra Magnus
  116. More speculation about the red Ferrari
  117. Interesting pic
  118. New Decepticon vehicle revealed!!!
  119. Texas Filming?
  120. New red head on a stick. The Ferrari?
  121. TF3 : The open Road for multiple futures
  122. Transformers Merchandise!
  123. Im saying it now....Arise Rodimus Prime
  124. Question for Nelson about TF3 filming in Detroit.
  125. Patrick Dempsey Is A Race-Car Driver In Transformers 3
  126. Motor Master for TF3 ? ( Rumor )
  127. Blue Arcee bike back?
  128. A Clear Look At Transformers 3 Teaser Poster
  129. The saddest rumor. May contain spoilers.
  130. Russia is Still on Fire
  131. another new Autobot revealed....
  132. Ironhide action sequence in Chicago. Finally!!!
  133. Get Stan Bush's "Till All Are One" in TF3
  134. skids and mudflap spoted
  135. *Spoilers* So what do we know so far?
  136. Detroit casting!
  137. UFC Fighter Rashad Evans on the set of Transformers 3
  138. No Powerplant shooting.
  139. Anyone Care To Speculate On This Vehicle??
  140. DC Filming Schedule
  141. ok the red jeep has been eliminated as roll bar
  142. When is principal photography complete with TF3?
  143. Patrick Dempsey as a Decepticon?
  144. Ok need help, not sure how true this is!!
  146. Help get Rollbar in TF3! Your support counts!
  147. Blue Chevelle and GM trucks
  148. When do we expect teaser?
  149. TF3: Find The Fire Truck !!!
  150. TF3: If Megatron dies Galvatron will Arise !
  151. trying to get to detroit
  152. Mike Patton as Shockwave?
  153. Dodge Charger SRT-8 - a decepticon tribute from Bay to Christopher Nolan?
  154. this the most confirmed news tht ive found saying this is the last film.
  155. So Much Spy Footage in the Web
  156. when are we going to see an actual official list of the autobots and decepticons
  157. I have a theory about the plot after what I've seen
  158. Chevrolet Suburban Decepticons?
  159. Gary Indiana(first shoot/closed set) What car is this??
  160. (Rumored major Decepticon death) in TF3
  161. Glenn Morshower confirmed to return in TF3
  162. The Ark
  163. Bay, bring dan gilvezan back to voice bumblebee in tf3!!!
  164. New rumor I heard.
  165. New title for Sergent Epps!
  166. The Power Glove
  167. Skyline movie with Transformers???
  168. Should Bumblebee have a voice in TF3?
  169. I'm getting antsy!
  170. Can Transfomers 3 Beat Avatar?
  171. Wait? what?
  172. Agent Simmons (John Turturro) is Back?
  173. First pics from Detroit.
  174. About TF3 battle scenes
  175. Gullwing Mercedes?
  176. Decepticon Fuel Truck (newer pics)
  177. is the ferrari is hotshot?
  178. Sideswipe? Red Alert? Check out this car
  179. Red Chevy truck and a weird object?
  180. Update: (not) $400M budget! holy sh...
  181. Mercury Rev - Young Man's Stride , song for Sam
  182. CGI blue truck spotted on set
  183. Reports - Woman hurt on TF3 set
  184. Ideas/suggestions for sound-tracks TF3...
  185. Maybach 62S Landaulet - agent Simmons car in TF3?
  186. Unicron presence on : Transformers 3 ?
  187. Transformers 3 rumor - Who wants to be a millionaire?
  188. Twins and Bumblebee en-route to Detroit
  189. Shooting ends in Mid-October?
  190. Shockwave voice confirmed (IMDB)
  191. Question about Mikaela's character and filming's start in L.A.
  192. Gabriela Cedillo
  193. A little info on TF3 DC location
  194. What are the Names and vehicles of the new Transformers in Transformers 3???
  195. Update: Transformers 3 is in 3D
  196. Scenes shot for the 1960's will be started tomorrow in Detroit...
  197. TF3 going back in time?
  198. More pictures from Detroit filming
  199. Detroit filming seen on Detroit news.
  200. 4 Decepticon SUVs??
  201. Transformers 3...(some plot)
  202. TF3 international locations (to Nelson).
  203. New Detroit filming location??
  204. News Videos Transformers 3
  205. Part of a Decepticon shot on blue screen - explanation. Spoilers!
  206. Which car is wheeljack
  207. Question :What won't you see in Transformers 3 ?
  208. John Hurt for some voice
  209. Patrick Dempsey character name
  210. Ok here's my latest TF3 news video update
  211. How I would like the Dinobots to appear
  212. Would Stock Footage Work in Transformers?
  213. New Detroit set locations and big BOOMS!! lol
  214. IMDb rumor: MotorMaster is in TRANSFORMERS 3!!!!!!!!!!
  215. The ending to Transformers 3 (the Bay Legacy)
  216. Do we know Approx how many years between T2 and T3 in the story?
  217. Megan Fox Isssue
  218. Transformers 3 Prequel Comics [Possible Spoilers]
  219. 1960 like set and vehicles.
  220. Another fire truck on set. A new Decepticon?
  221. Which way will you see Transformers 3 (D) the first time?
  222. Sentinel Prime?
  223. Will Michael Bay continue with the saga if he did not fail?
  224. I think i figured something out about armored semi....!!!!
  225. Wreckers all have glyphs on them
  226. Me and Prime.
  227. A question to NELSON : Is TF3 the last from Mr.Bay or NOT ?
  228. Extra features you want to see in TF3 DVD
  229. BIG Rumor/Spoiler!!!!
  230. RotF Glasses
  231. Still shooting in Detroit on the 27th.
  232. will shockwave speak ?
  233. TF3 crews already in Florida.
  234. TF1 & 2 : 3.5 Billions Worldwide Michael Bay and you will abandon Transformers ?
  235. Megan fox
  236. 2d version
  237. New TFs 3 theory I thought of.
  238. Megan Fox thread locked???
  239. Tony Todd not returning after all??
  240. "I'm super-proud of this movie..."
  241. Transformers 3 Toyline Size Classes Revealed
  242. TRansformers 3 rumor New vid- Decepicon Dreads??
  243. Space Shuttle Discovery - a transformer?
  244. TF3 Movie Length
  245. Transformers 3 Title Revealed?
  246. TF3 plot speculation. Major SPOILERS!!!
  247. Is there any chance of kup appearing!
  248. Visual similarities of some of the new TFs.
  249. More pics of Autobots in Florida.
  250. My latest video review, 2 weeks worth of (old) news recap